This is the date established by representatives from 24 nations to address stratospheric ozone depletion resulting from global use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s).

This landmark agreement, known as the Montreal Protocol, was expanded in recent years to include a phase-out of hydrofluorocarbons (HFC’s) used in refrigerant technologies such as air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

2020. This number also indicates perfect vision. At Priority Cool®, this is the definition that guides us because we know, with perfect clarity, that the solution to the 2020 HFC phase-out protocol is today – not years from now.


Priority Cool® is an all-natural hydrocarbon drop-in replacement refrigerant technology manufactured in the United States that meets the Montreal Protocol standards. Whether you’re an international distributor, industrial facility manager or an OEM, Priority Cool® is the replacement refrigerant technology you have been seeking for commercial and industrial air conditioning and refrigeration systems, ice and processing equipment.   Priority Cool® meets all international standards and guidelines for reducing Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and Global Warming Potential (GWP). Our state-of-the-art, proprietary hydrocarbon blend – developed by scientists in the United States – reduces energy consumption by up to 25% and can extend the life of your equipment. Clean, efficient and cost effective. This is Priority Cool®. The future of protecting the environment is here today.

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“A side-by-side field test demonstrated up to a


in the Priority Cool® refrigerant compressor electrical load as compared with R22 refrigerant.”


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    Priority Cool® is a proprietary hydrocarbon drop-in refrigerant blend developed and manufactured in the United States.

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    Priority Cool® is cutting edge refrigerant technology that reduces energy consumption and increases efficiency with zero harmful emissions.

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    Original Equipment Manufacturers seeking to reduce operate costs and comply with international emission standards can contact a Priority Cool® representative directly.

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    At Priority Cool®, we know that great distributors look out for the best interest of their clients. Let us be part of your solution.

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    Hydrocarbon technology has proven to be safe and effective for decades. Learn more about how to properly handle HC refrigerants and the benefits of this all-natural solution.

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Decrease Energy Costs


Lower System Pressure


Increase Equipment Life



Priority Cool® Benefits Include:

  • Reduced compressor amperage draw
  • Increased moisture removal
  • Lower coil temperature
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Increased equipment life
  • Reduced system energy cost up to 25%

Want to Start Saving Now?

Priority Cool® is now available for commercial and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning systems. For more information and quotations, please contact Greenway Solutions directly at 1.855.242.1917

Patents and Trademarks.

Priority Cool® is a registered trademark of Green Way Solutions, LLC. Our proprietary hydrocarbon blend technology has been proven to be safe, efficient and compliant with international refrigerant standards. U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 61/665,006 Hydrocarbon Based Refrigerant.

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Priority Cool® commissioned a White Paper on Hydrocarbon refrigerant technology and international emission standards and guidelines.

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LIPA Performance Case Study

Read the Flack + Kurtz case study on the energy savings potential of Priority Cool® hydrocarbon based refrigerant over standard R22 refrigerant.

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Learn more about all-natural hydrocarbon drop-in replacement refrigerant technology.

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Learn more about all-natural hydrocarbon drop-in replacement refrigerant technology.

This information will never be shared for third party