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Are Priority Cool® refrigerants toxic?

NO. The refrigerants are non-toxic, as it is a blend of naturally occurring gases.

Are Priority Cool® refrigerants environmentally friendly?

YES. Our hydrocarbon refrigerants have a near zero ozone depletion potential and practically zero global warming potential.

Will Priority Cool® harm my air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment and its components?

NO. In fact, it should extend the lifespan of your air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment as the hydrocarbon refrigerants are non-corrosive compared to HFC and HCFC products. The operating pressures and volume of Priority Cool® are lower than conventional refrigerants, which reduces stress on the compressor and its internal components.

How efficient are Priority Cool® refrigerants?

VERY. Our hydrocarbon refrigerants have been proven to reduce the power consumption of the compressor between 15% and 25% from that of current HFC and HCFC refrigerants.

Are Priority Cool® hydrocarbon refrigerants flammable?

YES, as are all lubricants, additives and oils used in air-conditioning systems. The key is that hydrocarbon refrigerants flammability is highly controllable. As safety is of utmost importance, Priority Cool® adheres to all regulated transportation, handling and installation procedures of our hydrocarbon refrigerants.

Why haven’t I heard of hydrocarbon refrigerant technology before?

Hydrocarbon refrigerants have been widely used in Europe and Australia for many years. Despite this fact, Hydrocarbon refrigerants have only been studied in the United States for limited use and a relatively short period of time. Many of the driving factors leading to the introduction of Priority Cool® hydrocarbon-based refrigerants have only developed very recently. One of the factors behind the increased demand for this solution in the United States is that the EPA has begun the phase-out process for the current industry standard refrigerant gas, R-22. As of January 2012 the EPA mandated that production of this refrigerant must be reduced and that all fluorocarbon-based refrigerants must be completely phased out by the year 2020. This has created an opportunity for more efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerants to come to market in the United States.


Second, with global power demand on the rise, Priority Cool® offers a solution to reduce power consumption, the stress on utility plants and indeed the entire grid.

Do you have safety guidelines for installation?

YES. Please refer to our “Safety” tab on the main navigation of this website where you can access and download the latest safety information packet.

Do you ship internationally?

YES. Priority Cool® refrigerants are manufactured in the United States but are available to shipped anywhere in the world.

What is OZ HC12a/134+?

Priority Cool® entered into an agreement with OZ to enhance their distribution capabilities and introduce HC technology to a global clientele. For now, OZ HC-12a/134+ is interchangeable with Priority Cool® HC 12a/134+. In the future our proprietary refrigerant blend will be marketed exclusively under the Priority Cool® name but if you have been an OZ customer, you can be assured that our service and solutions are not only the same but have improved great. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the valued OZ customers and can answer any questions you might have.