Hydrocarbons: The Quest for a Green Solution to the Changing Future of Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning.


Hydrocarbons21.com, the industry platform for hydrocarbon cooling and heating experts around the globe, has recently published a White Paper commissioned by Priority Cool®, called “Hydrocarbons: The Quest for a Green Solution to the Changing Future of Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning.”

In explicit detail, the White Paper explains how potent greenhouse gases known as hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) have come under increasing world-wide regulatory pressure and the urgent need for the refrigerant industry to confront its reliance on HFCs now and plan to do without them in the very near future.

Finding a replacement is a daunting challenge because the new material must meet ever tightening national and international environmental standards and prove both economical and safe to operate.

The Montreal Protocol was established decades ago by the United Nations to phase out chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) that were doing serious damage to the Earth’s ozone layer in the atmosphere. Its success in curtailing CFCs has been a notable achievement. Now environmentalists and government officials want to expand the Montreal Protocol’s mandate to phase out HFCs as well.

The refrigeration business is on the front line of this environmental push to adopt substitute refrigerants that are better for the atmosphere. As the White Paper demonstrated. among the promising alternatives in cooling technologies, hydrocarbons are showing increasing prominence due to their green energy properties and their ability to out-perform the other compounds. www.hydrocarbons21.com

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