Hydrocarbon molecule diorama



A Hydrocarbon is a class of organic chemical compound comprised of hydrogen (H) and carbon (C). Hydrocarbon refrigerants are nontoxic blends of these naturally occurring gases that have a near zero ozone depletion potential and practically zero global warming potential. Priority Cool® has developed a proprietary blend to enhance the natural hydrocarbon technology that lowers the evaporator temperature, which shortens the cooling cycle in the refrigeration process, satisfies VAV zones sooner and reduces fan energy. Moreover, our test results have proven that Priority Cool® refrigerants remove up to 25% more moisture from the airstream than conventional refrigerants.

Hydrocarbon refrigerants have been widely adopted throughout Europe as well as Australia and parts of Asia as nations of the world work together to eliminate Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) that have proven deleterious to the ozone and Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) that are less environmentally friendly.


Learn about the Montreal Protocol and
the phase-out of CFCs and HFC’s.



25% more moisture from the airstream than conventional refrigerants


In the United States Priority Cool® is working with the EPA to extend the use of HC-12a® and OZ-12a® beyond industrial process refrigeration and a safe and productive manner. We are confident that the widespread use of hydrocarbon technologies throughout Europe, Asia and Australia combined with the United States’ determined effort to find more environmentally sound practices will result in greater acceptance among US OEM’s, greater use in the transportation sector and myriad other applications.


To this end the EPA has stated that their position is that, “Many flammable refrigerants offer potential energy efficiency savings, lower global warming potentials, low toxicity, and low cost. EPA believes that, with responsible development, flammable refrigerants have a role to play in the transition away from ozone-depleting substances. “ We greatly appreciate the EPA’s thoughtful approach to expanding the use of HC technology in the United States and are committed to becoming the leading source of Hydrocarbon refrigerants around the globe.

Priority Cool® is available for industrial process refrigeration in the United States and exports for various applications abroad. Please refer to our Newsroom tab for updates on the expansion of HC refrigerant use in the United States.