The phase-out of traditional R-22 refrigerants in industrial processing equipment has been a cause of growing concern for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and other industrial processing companies such as supermarket chains, ice-rink and commercial facilities. Much of this concern stems from the uneasiness surrounding the concept of “drop-in” replacements and to what degree retrofitting is necessary to accommodate the new industry guidelines.

“There are compelling reasons Priority Cool® refrigerants are increasing in popularity. Being environmentally friendly, reducing energy costs and a convenient drop-in replacement are only a few. Of particular importance to an OEM is the reduced refrigerant charge. Why is this important? Because PC will offer the same performance as CFC and HFC refrigerants with a reduced charge. With a reduced charge OEMs can downsize equipment components such as compressors, evaporators, condensers and the refrigeration piping within a piece of equipment. This reduction in size results in less weight, less raw materials, lower shipping cost, lower manufacturing cost and a higher energy rating”.

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If you are the owner of a manufacturing operation or industrial facility manager, rest assured that the team behind Priority Cool® understands your concerns. Your equipment is your business lifeline. Because of our deep ties to several OEM’s in the United States, we regularly consult with operators regarding new standards to identify potential pain points and cause for concern.

These include:

  • Equipment Life Cycle
  • Retrofitting versus Replacement
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Safety and Handling Procedures
  • New Regulatory Standards
  • Temporary versus Permanent Solutions
  • Cost Effective Solutions

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The team at Priority Cool® evaluates every situation based upon the above factors and several others. The more we understand about your needs, current equipment and goals, the better positioned we are to determine whether Priority Cool® is the solution for you. Contact a Priority Cool® team member today to consult with your team on finding the right solution for your facility.