Many parts of the world have been safely using Hydocarbon technology for years. There are many instances in the United States where HC technology is also being employed, though the EPA has been understandably cautious regarding the proliferation of HC refrigerant technology. The EPA is in the process of conducting thorough research into this area and we are confident that HC refrigerants will be as widely accepted in the coming months and years in the US as it is abroad.


The concerns regarding the use of Hydrocarbons have nothing to do with the efficacy of the product or the environment. In fact, the EPA recognizes the environmental benefits of clean, natural HC technology and studies have repeatedly demonstrated that HC refrigerants increase operational efficiencies and extend the life of equipment. What the EPA and their counterparts in other nations have been studying carefully is the flammable nature of Hydrocarbons, which contain naturally occurring, flammable properties and must be handled appropriately in accordance to safety guidelines, no matter what country it is employing this technology.


Whether you are an OEM, a facilities manager or distributor, we encourage you to read through the safety and handling guidelines available in our downloads section.





Please note that Hydrocarbons are not subject to spontaneous combustion. For Priority Cool® to ignite, certain conditions must occur simultaneously. A Hydrocarbon leak must be met with a particular level of air and an ignition source. Outside of these circumstances, combustion cannot occur. Therefore it is imperative to control the environment in which you are installing HC refrigerant. Only a trained professional who can follow the standards and protocols found in our safety downloads should attempt to utilize Priority Cool® or any flammable liquid or gas for that matter.


Remember that Hydrocarbons are natural and being used in a safe and effective manner throughout the world. Though accidents happen, negligence can be controlled. So please be responsible when making the decision to pursue a natural, environmentally sound solution such as Priority Cool® when deciding which refrigerant replacement technology you employ.